Privacy Policy understands how necessary a privacy of respective knowledge is to our readers. We are aware that your all privacy matters and we respect your privacy preference. This essence of our intimate policy is studied to give you a supervision of:

How we use Collected Information

What, why, how do the results collect? First, for the taxes, the seconds to run the site properly through your personal information and third person to solve people’s questions and requests in a good way, through your email It is easy to give answers to the questions of the people.

Information Protection

The data stored in our site, we have useful tools for protecting the name, transformation, password, like usurers. Therefore, due to unauthorized use, the repatriation of generations, which is impossible due to security problems, due to this, we do not share your personal data with any affiliate advertising company.


The AIDS that comes in our website is delivered to the United States. The left advertisers who have set cookies policy, it is possible through the use of cookies that the ad server recons your computer or system and deliver the ads according to your needs. By the way, this special cookie policy comes within our private policy.

Changes in Private Policy

Our website has the right to update these private policies, so we request from the United States, that updates are made from the time the changes are made from the site.