How To Use Terpenes?

Terpenes Uses

In recent years, the cannabis industry has been expanding rapidly, especially in terms of the number of weed products or tasty and innovative ways to consume marijuana. No one wants to limit themselves to only smoking weed when you can enjoy its medicinal and recreational benefits as a concentrated oil, edible, or topical application.

The hunt for flavor and potency has given rise to products such as terpenes. While the fresh, rich smell of marijuana can be a refreshing experience, adding terpenes to your cannabis can bring a whole new experience. When added to cannabis, terpenes can create a beautiful range of aromas – these aromas range from sweet and sour to fruity. It also has the ability to change the flavor profile of a marijuana strain that has lost its aroma.

There are countless ways you can use terpenes. Some doctors recommend it as a supplement for certain medical conditions. Keep reading to learn more about how to use terpenes in the marijuana industry.

1. Terpenes with Vapes

When you smoke a marijuana concentrate, it usually tastes different from the strain is named due to the refining process. The refining process strips most of the strain’s potency and flavor. This is where terpenes come in. Adding terpenes to your vape not only improves the taste and smell but also enhances its effects.

If your weed is also too dry, a drop or two of terpenes can bring back some much-needed moisture to your weed stock. Smokers also use terpenes to tone down the flavor of a weed stock if the strain has a harsh profile. However, you need to take extra care when adding terpenes to your weed. Using too much can affect the aroma and taste negatively.

2. Terpenes with Shatter

Shatter is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates. It contains eighty percent cannabinoid, five percent short of the cannabinoid levels of distillates. To produce these high levels of cannabinoid, it undergoes an additional filtration process that optimizes its purity and removes any naturally occurring fat. Unfortunately, this step also filters out terpenes and flavors.

If you are looking for a strong kick, shatter is your go-to cannabis product. With the addition of terpenes, you are almost guaranteed a flavorful and smoother high. You must also be careful not to overdose with terpenes, as terpene concentrates are strong in their own right.

3. Terpenes with CBD Oil

CBD oil is popular for its ability to reduce inflammation, stress, anxiety, and pain relief. It can also be used as a muscle relaxant. Adding the right terpene profile and flavor can subtly enhance the effects of CBD oil. You can either add a small amount to your bottle of CBD oil or if you love experimenting, add a small amount with each CBD dosage.

Adding a terpene isolate with each CBD dosage allows you to try out different terpene profiles and flavors. You can use this method to decide on which flavor or effects you prefer, and then concentrate on that particular terpene profile.

4. Terpenes with THC

Adding terpenes to your THC dosage is a bit more complicated than most other cannabis products. This is because it works best when you make your own THC oil and then add the terpene concentrate into the liquid. However, you can also buy THC oil straight from the shelve and add your concentrate.

When mixing, you should use approximately 0.2mm of terpenes for every gram of THC concentrate. You can also add different types of terpenes into the mix. It’s always good to store in a cool dark place. If stored right, your mixture can last for a period of one to two years.

5. Terpenes with BHO

You can also mix terpenes with butane hash oil. Butane hash oil is gotten by extracting oil from cannabis using butane. During the extraction process, many of the natural fats, waxes, and terpenes are lost. Adding terpene isolates and profiles helps improve the smell, taste, and further enhances the effects of the concentrate.

Depending on the type of butane concentrate you are using, you might need to adjust your mixing process to suit the thickness and viscosity of your concentrate. After mixing, allow it to sit for twenty-four hours. This allows for uniform diffusion of the terpenes across the butane hash oil concentrate.

6. Terpenes with Distillates

Distillates are the purest and most potent cannabinoids. Some distillates hit highs of ninety-five percent potency rating of THC. This aggressive filtration process means that most, if not all, the terpenes, are stripped away. Leaving you with a pure but almost bland cannabinoid product.

This is why, in recent times, the popularity of adding terpenes to distillates has grown immensely. When mixed with terpenes, distillates come off as balanced, more tasteful and flavorful, and a well-rounded high. It is always best to leave the terpenes infused with the distillate overnight. That way, you are assured of complete diffusion of the terpene concentrate.

7. Terpenes with Hemp Seed Oil

While hemp seed oil is similar to CBD oil, it contains little or no cannabinoids. Due to the limited filtration process, it is also rich in natural terpenes and fatty acids. Which probably begs the question – why add more terpenes?

Well, sometimes, you might want to change the flavor of your hemp seed oil or give it more character. Adding your choice of terpenes affords you that flexibility with your hemp seed oil. You can either add it sublingually (meaning underneath your tongue), or you can add drops to your bottle, and allow it seat for a day for complete diffusion. Taking it, sublingually allows you to experiment with various flavors and profiles.

The Bottomline

Terpenes are a great addition to your daily CBD dosage, no matter your preferred format. They not only add flavor and taste but also greatly improve the aroma of your concentrate. It’s no wonder it has become such a popular commodity in the marijuana industry.

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