Using Hemp CBD Oil To Help Our Pets

Hemp CBD Oil

With CBD oil legal across the United States, despite best efforts by some, and now there is nothing holding CBD back from entering our homes and being apart of our lives. And it is not just us that can benefit, but our four-legged fur babies as well. So it’s time we stop hogging all the CBD oil for ourselves and share it with our pets.

What The First Thing You Should Know

The first thing that you should know about CBD is that it works pretty much the exact same way in our dogs’ and cats’ bodies as it does in our own.

Actually, every animal with a vertebrate has an internal biological system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS supports various other systems and organs in the body through hormonal regulation known as homeostasis.

Homeostasis this is an organism’s ability to recover from wear and tear throughout the day no matter how small (stopping germs) or how large (maintaining a stable internal temperature despite large changes in temperature) it is.

Whoa, what a mouthful! But it’s important to know this because it gives us insight into how CBD can help us all with so many medical conditions.

purCBD oil

What CBD helps With

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Inflammation
  • Preventive health

Do You Need to Use Pet-Specific CBD oil

Most likely the exact same thing that is in your CBD oil will be in your dog’s CBD oil. The most notable difference will be that yours is more concentrated and has more CBD in it compared to your pets.

This is due mostly to the weight difference, but as well, dogs and cats seem more sensitive to CBD — it appears that they simply have more receptors for CBD to work with.

This is especially true for dogs, and why you may have seen or heard about dogs not tolerating marijuana as well as humans.

Dogs have more receptors for THC to latch onto in their hindbrains and this is why dogs experience an intoxication from marijuana that is much more similar to heavy drinking and alcohol abuse — extreme loss of motor control.

This is why it’s recommended to give your pets innovative CBD oil from hemp instead of medical cannabis oil for pets, because it may have too much THC in depending on the strain and extraction process.


Now that we know that we should be giving our pets hemp CBD oil, let’s take a look at how much we should give.

First, here is a great calculator for CBD oil if you don’t want to do any of the math in your head, but if you do . . .

  • Low — .022mg/lb or .05/kg
  • Average — .068mg/lb or .15mg/kg
  • Strong — .136mg/lb or .30mg/kb

For preventive health, you can simply give them a low dose once a day and that should work perfectly for them.

For chronic issues such as pain, inflammation, and anxiety an average dose, once or twice a day will be most appropriate — split these doses apart by 6-8 hour intervals.

The upper limit is about 1 mg per pound, but this high of a dosage is very, very rarely needed.

Rapid Fire Question Round

Before I leave you, I want to quickly answer some questions that you may still have about giving CBD to your pets.

  1. Is It legal to give CBD to your pet?

Yes, it’s just as legal for them as it is for you, again make sure it’s hemp as CBD derived from marijuana will be affected by the much stricter laws governing marijuana.

2. Should I give my pet CBD full spectrum or isolate?

Almost all pet CBD is full spectrum because it’s much easier to dose and will work for more medical conditions as the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in full spectrum CBD oil provide their own additional therapeutic benefits.

full spectrum CBD oil

3. What is a carrier oil and why is it in my CBD oil?

A carrier oil such as hempseed oil, coconut oil or another MCT oil is needed so CBD can be effectively absorbed into the body when ingested. It also promotes long-term stability.

4. Is CBD oil and hemp oil the same thing?

No, CBD is extracted from the stalks and flowers and will largely contain cannabinoids and terpenes, while hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds and will largely contain fatty acids and protein.

5. What Form of CBD is Best to Give?

I personally really like CBD oil in dropper bottles because you have easy control over your dose, unlike say a pet treat. CBD pet treats are completely fine, but in the beginning, it’s important to focus on finding the precise dose so you can maximize the health benefits for your pet without going over and cost you your hard earned money.

CBD edibles for people are notorious for being all over the place when it comes to their dosage — often having way too much or none at all. Plus, with the oil, you can easily make your own treats or simply allow the oil to absorb into the treat of your choice.

Finding More Information

OK, I lied, I’m not leaving you just quite yet. CBD is complicated and I know there is a vast amount of info out there and a lot isn’t the best and you might be struggling with what’s right and what total BS.

As CBD solidifies its place in the mainstream and hemp becomes the crop of the 21st century much of this confusion will be cleaned up.

But why wait? For more info on giving CBD to your pets check out our sister site, Innovet Pet for the same high-quality information and customer service that you can trust here at Vitaleaf Naturals.

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