5 Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer You Must Know

bladder cancer

Sometimes your body manifests symptoms that we do not always associate with diseases such as cancer. Most of the time we downplay the signals the body gives until those signs get worse and that’s when we decide to pay a little attention.

At that level, getting rid of a negative and compromising diagnosis is very difficult. Sophia luckily was very attentive to many of the evils that had been experiencing and attended to her doctor in time. Due to her family background, she knows that she can not underestimate any evil that becomes a symptom of something worse.

It was like this, as he noticed the progressive loss of appetite and, therefore, a significant weight loss, in addition to changes in his urine habits, she decided to go to the doctor.

Her body initiated the conditions for the formation of tumors in the lining of the bladder. Sophia, in addition to paying attention to the messages sent by her body, could be warned of a difficult health situation. That aroused in her a greater concern to improve her diet and her lifestyle.

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After verifying that something was indeed not working well, she was subjected to a series of medical evaluations. Although in her case the diagnosis was encouraging, she was very close to being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

5 Risk Factors That Leads To Bladder Cancer

There can be several causes that lead to bladder cancer. The diagnosis, for the most part, is linked to the lifestyle that is carried. Although it is men who are most affected, women must also be attentive and take into account what the disease is about. Next, find out what are the most common risk factors:

1. Smoking
It is a factor that makes no distinction between men and women. Smoking is one of the highest incidences of bladder cancer.

2. Arsenic in drinking water
The possibilities of exposing water to arsenic depend solely and exclusively on the place where you live and the treatment that water receives. It is important that you verify that the water you consume is not contaminated with this highly toxic substance.

3. Not consuming enough water
Consuming enough water daily favors the functioning of the bladder. But, if on the contrary, you do not do it, it is probable that your bladder cannot avoid the permanence of toxic substances in your body. These substances can damage it to the point of generating bladder cancer.

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4. Aristolochic acid
It is an element that we can find mainly in some herbs of the family of Aristo lochia. This substance is associated with several types of cancers.

stage of Bladder Cancer

5. Exposition in the working place
If you work in the area of industry or expose yourself in your work to certain chemicals, such as benzidine and beta-naphthylamine, then you should be alert. You may be at potential risk of suffering from bladder cancer.

6. Certain medications
The use of drugs such as pioglitazone, used against diabetes, for more than a year is associated with the incidence of this type of cancer. There are other risk factors that cannot be changed and that must also be considered. These are:

  • Ethnic origin
  • Chronic irritation
  • Family background
  • Birth defects


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