CBD Vape Oil: The Pros and Cons For Your Health

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If you’ve ever heard of cannabidiol vape oil or CBD vape oil, you may have doubts when someone says it’s actually healthy for you. Aside from the fact that its oil for vaping or electronic cigarettes, the fact that it’s from the cannabis plant is already a point of contention for a lot of individuals. However, it appears CBD vape oil does have a few perks of its own. In fact, it appears there really are ways for CBD vape oil to be able to aid you in your various health needs. Likewise, CBD vape oil may have its own set of risks you have to consider before you decide to consume it for your wellness. Just what are CBD vape oil and the pros and cons for your health?

CBD: Just What Is Cannabidiol?

It might be better to start with a few basics and recall just what exactly is CBD and what makes CBD oil such a hot topic in terms of alternative medicine. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of many compounds found in the cannabis plant, called cannabinoids. Its immense therapeutic potential has got a lot of researchers looking into various instances of CBD.

If you’ve ever encountered the term “cannabis compound,” you’ve likely encountered delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. This is the best-known component of cannabis, and also marijuana’s most active ingredient. While both CBD and THC are in the marijuana plant, both have different effects. The latter actually creates the “high” effect that “alters” the mind when introduced into the body through heat – and as such caused when you cook or smoke marijuana. Unlike the latter, however, CBD isn’t psychoactive – which means it doesn’t alter the state of mind of the user.

What’s interesting is that researchers have observed that CBD actually can introduce changes in the body, which some suggest may actually be beneficial.

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CBD works similar to other cannabinoids, which means it attaches to certain receptors in the body in order to affect various aspects of the brain and how it operates. Interestingly, the body itself produces cannabinoids and interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, both of which are located around the body. When cannabidiol interacts with CB1, it can affect parts of the body’s memories, appetite, thinking, mood, emotions, pain, movement, and coordination. When cannabidiol interacts with CB2, it affects the body’s immune system – which means it can affect pain and inflammation.

CBD Vape Oil: What Can It Do To Your Health?

With the above into consideration, it may help to understand that CBD vape oil should still be consumed with careful medical consideration. Products from places such as Trusted CBD Oil may be considered safe and tested, but it’s still helpful if you consult a medical professional especially if you know you have underlying conditions that may be affected by the consumption of other substances. Here are the pros and cons of taking CBD vape oil that may help you decide for yourself:

Pros: CBD Vape Oil Is Known For Its Capacity To Handle Pain, Discomfort

Pain can be quite an inconvenient thing for a lot of people, especially if it’s chronic in nature. Pills and supplements could only do so much, and even exercises might not be able to help cope with this kind of pain. Interestingly, scientists have come to discover that CBD oil may actually possess therapeutic properties that may be able to support anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

  • Source of pain relief: When you try out CBD vape oil, you’re likely going to experience what others feel as pain relief. Conditions such as migraines and arthritis can be managed through cannabidiol, as it can manage the body’s pain receptors.
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory: Similar to pain relief, CBD vape oil can actually relieve inflammation. This means when conditions like scleroderma and arthritis cause body parts and joints to inflame, CBD can help manage stiff joints, tissue damage, and chronic pain across the board. It may even help manage rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, colitis, and multiple sclerosis.

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  • Relieves symptoms of anxiety: Anxiety remains to be one of the most common mental conditions worldwide, and it’s not easily treated. However, CBD can actually help provide a form of relief for anxiety, as CBD is capable of managing receptors that manage anxiety symptoms such as fear and restlessness. As such, CBD consumers can feel less on edge, more relaxed, and more comfortable.
  • Promotion of heart health: When you take CBD, one of its effects is to relax the blood vessels. This not only lowers blood pressure but decreases circulation to a manageable level. This can greatly help when it comes to heart health, as it helps manage heart problems often related to sedentary lifestyles and other circulatory conditions.

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Cons: Under-tested, And Under-Studied Component Can Be Risky

Of course, like with other forms of alternative medicine, CBD oil – and cannabidiol in general – is still largely under-tested and under-studied in the academe. For a lot of people and professionals, these can make CBD largely risky, as there’s no way to scientifically or medically prove the positive effects people say CBD oil has. Even if these properties were true, there’s yet to be official and large-scale studies to declare these.

  • May interfere with other drugs: One of the disadvantages of using CBD vape oil is that, while it does offer its set of advantages, it’s at the risk of interfering with other drugs. For instance, it’s said that CBD can actually diminish enzymes called cytochrome P450, which contributes to the breakdown of drugs in the body.
  • May need THC to work best: Some studies show that while CBD as it is can be an effective tool to provide the aforementioned relief above, it may work best when paired with THC. However, others prefer not to be involved with THC because of its psychoactive effects, and because it’s not legal in a lot of areas.
  • Lack of substantial research: Although there are a lot of testimonials and evidence that support the efficiency of CBD, much of these were performed on animal models. While there are a lot of ethics involved in the usage of animals for testing in itself, human testing for CBD products is in itself a whole new ordeal entirely. Not to mention, what works with rats don’t necessarily work with humans.

The Takeaway: CBD Oil Can Meet Your Health Needs

When you’ve first heard of CBD oil, it’s not wrong of you to be initially suspicious of its health benefits. After all, given the rather unpleasant reception of cannabis in a lot of parts of the world, it’s natural for someone to think twice before dealing with CBD oil, which has components from the cannabis plant. Hopefully, with the above, you’ll get a much better understanding on how CBD vape oil can work for you and the pros and cons associated with your health. Remember, should you feel anything wrong with your body while consuming CBD vape oil, have yourself checked with a medical professional immediately.

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