5 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet Now

Sugar Out of Your Diet

Sugar can be found in food that we consume almost every day, especially young people. Surprisingly, most food advertised today, like low-fat products, actually has more sugar content in it. Well, most food with sugar is no good for our health. But, it’s best to know the different types of sugar and also the difference between processed sugar and the sugar found in honey and fruits, which is called natural sugars.

Processed sugar is high in calories and has no real natural value. Refined sugar, which is usually used in most processed food and snacks, falls in this category. On the other hand, natural sugar contains vitamins and minerals. Many people, especially in today’s generation, rely on processed food because it is quick and convenient for them. But ever wondered what can possibly happen to your body if you start to consider cutting sugar out of your diet?

Below are five reasons why cutting sugar out of your diet is best for you:

1. Sugar causes weight gain

Sugar triggers a flood of insulin that generates fats that gathers around the middle part of your tummy. These fat cells are called visceral fat, a type of belly fat that may be connected to heart disease or Diabetes. Adipokines and Adipose hormones, which are found in visceral fat, are chemical troublemakers that travel around your organs and blood vessels. These hormones contribute to the development of the stated health conditions and also cancer.

Cutting back on sugar intake can help reduce belly fat and other dangerous factors that come with it. And also, you will consequently gain reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure.

2. Sugar causes Acne

Processed food, especially sweets like candy bars and the like has a high glycemic index which raises the blood sugar faster than food that has a lower glycemic index. High glycemic diets have higher risks of developing acne, while low-glycemic diets associate with reduced acne development. Sugary foods can easily spike-up blood sugar and insulin levels that cause oil production, the increase of androgen secretion, and inflammation of the skin. All of which plays a role in the development of acne.

There is a study that people who are frequently consuming added sugar have a 30% higher risk of developing acne. People who live in rural communities have almost a non-existent acne problem because they consume traditionally made food and not processed foods.

3. Sugar reduction can create stable energy levels and mood

Sugar spikes up your sugar level that boosts your mood and alertness. Then shortly after, your energy falls, and insulin releases into your cells. With this done, your blood sugar will drop fast and makes you moody, feel weak, shaky and hungry. A mood disorder, such as depression, may occur because sugar decreases the BDNF(Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) activity. BDNF hormones are low in people with depression.

People usually go for a sweet snack whenever they feel stressed out. Little did they know that it can make them experience the symptoms of anxiety. Sugar does not really cause depression or anxiety but gives you the symptoms of such disorders. Sugar reduction can help lessen these conditions. It is best to focus on more nutritious food to consume daily in order to give you more stable energy levels that will make you feel more energized and vital.

4. Cutting off sugar gives you Healthier teeth

Want to attain those shiny pearly teeth? Well, you might want to consider cutting off sugar to achieve this. Sugar supports and helps the bacteria to grow. So when you consume sugar-based beverages and food(mainly processed food), the sugar particles will get stuck on your teeth that then attracts and builds up bacteria. With this happening, plaque can develop.

Plaque encourages cavities, gum diseases and also eats away the tooth enamel. Sugar can highly affect your teeth, which increases the risk of Diabetes and also increases the glucose content of the saliva that encourages oral bacterial growth. It’s advisable to start cutting off sugar to save you from toothaches and dental expenses.

5. You will attain younger-looking skin

Starting to have wrinkles and saggy skin? There is a high possibility that too much sugar intake every day is the cause of it. The connecting of a sugar molecule to a protein molecule with no enzymatic regulation is called Glycation. This happens because of high sugar levels.

When glycation occurs, your skin’s collagen will have a hard time to regenerate. That’s why it is best that you cut off sugar as it helps to lessen the sagging of your skin and also helps to prevent early signs of aging.

If you’re starting to experience premature aging because of too much sugar intake, now is the best time to start doing something about it. Although fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin may not go away quickly, there are treatments nowadays that can help with that. A non-invasive HIFU treatment gives the same result as a surgical facelift, but without having to go under the knife. Click here to learn more about this treatment.

It’s not easy to cut back on sugar – especially when you’re already experiencing addiction from it. But the first step to achieving this goal is to be aware of sugar’s side effects to your body. Start slowly but surely – eventually, side effects will wear down.


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