How dramatic are the results after a facelift?

Maintain Your Facelift

While you are considering having a facelift done, you may be wondering about how dramatic the results are. Some people are looking for substantial changes while others are searching for small changes that will enhance their beauty. In general, it’s important that you speak to an experienced plastic surgeon and tell them in detail about the changes that you are expecting a facelift to lead to. To better understand how dramatic the results will be, you should first be aware of what a facelift is designed to accomplish.

What Is a Facelift?

A facelift is a surgical procedure that is aimed at improving any signs of aging that you may be suffering from within your neck or face. These signs of aging can include the presence of jowls in your jaw or cheeks, the skin in your face becoming too relaxed and sagging, the fat that has not settled properly, and loose skin in the neck. By tightening and smoothing the skin around your neck and face, a facelift is able to provide you with a more youthful countenance. Facelift procedures are commonly paired with other procedures such as chemical peels and brow lifts to further improve facial appearance. Before you schedule a facelift, you should know that facelifts are unable to actually stop the standard aging process and that you will continue to age.

Types of Results to Expect Following a Facelift?

The types of results that you will be provided with when obtaining a facelift primarily depend on which facelift type you choose. Some facelifts can be targeted on the neck while others focus on the lower portion of the face. You can also select a complete facelift if you want to have a variety of areas around your face touched up and improved. The best results come from the full facelift procedure. It’s important to understand that a facelift can’t completely change your appearance. Once you understand this, you should have a good idea of what your results should be.

When receiving a complete facelift that focuses on every aspect of aging that can be found on your face and neck, it’s possible that you can appear 10-12 years younger than you currently appear, which can help dramatically with your self-confidence. Although the signs of aging will continue to develop after you have received a facelift, you will be much better prepared for this eventuality. When receiving a neck lift or a limited incision facelift, you should expect to appear anywhere from 4-6 years younger than you currently do. Results can vary substantially depending on your current age and the type of work that needs to be done. Your surgeon will give you more precise details about how younger you should look following a facelift.

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You should also factor in how old you are when obtaining a facelift. In most cases, younger people will obtain less dramatic results while older people are provided with more dramatic results. The results of a facelift will also depend on how well or otherwise you look after your skin. If you want the facelift to provide you with the results you’re searching for, you will need to take the right steps following treatment to maintain the facelift, which will allow you to make sure that the results are lasting ones.

What a Facelift Procedure Involves

All facelift procedures begin with the administration of a dose of anesthesia, which will typically be a general anesthesia that puts you to sleep during the treatment. If you’re going to obtain a traditional facelift, incisions will be made at your hairline and down around your ear. These incisions can be readily concealed once they have been closed. After the incisions have been made, the tissue or fat beneath your skin will be repositioned and lifted to provide you with a more natural appearance.

Following all of the necessary changes, the incisions will usually be closed up with sutures that will eventually dissolve, which typically occurs after 7 days or so. As long as you properly follow the instructions provided to you by your surgeon on how to best care for the site of the treatment, your recovery should progress smoothly.

How to Recover From a Facelift

The initial aspects of the facelift recovery process involve wearing bandages around your face and waiting for the swelling and bruising to eventually disappear, which can take several weeks depending on the extent of the surgery. As long as you care for the site properly, the recovery process should proceed without issue. Most people who obtain a facelift decide to only return to school or work after 2-3 weeks. You also should avoid performing any strenuous activities for at least a month or two. If you notice anything that is out of the ordinary in regards to your recovery, make sure that you tell your surgeon about it so that the problem can be addressed immediately.

How to Maintain Your Facelift

If you want to receive dramatic results with your facelift that will last for a lengthy period of time, you will need to do some things to maintain the facelift. For one, living a healthy lifestyle and using suntan lotion every time you go outside are essential components towards extending the life of the facelift. Umbrellas and hats are also great ways to reduce your overall exposure to the sun. It’s also exceedingly crucial that you stay away from smoking. The nicotine that’s found in cigarettes is known to dry out skin and cause you to age much quicker than you otherwise would have. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to make your facelift a long-lasting one.

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