Skin Diseases- Its Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

skin diseases causes and treatment

Skin diseases are one of the more common problems in a country like India where there is a variety of climate and atmosphere throughout the whole country. Its causes, symptoms, and treatment depend upon the kind of skin disease a person is suffering from.

Some symptoms can be temporary and hence are easy to deal with whereas some might be severe or even permanent that cannot be finished from roots. Some can be painful, some even can be painless. Some problems can even be genetic like acne and pimples. Some can be minor problems while some can be fatal. So here we will read some of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of skin diseases so that you can understand how to go about if you are one of the people suffering from this problem.

Causes of Skin Diseases:

  • Trapping of bacteria in the pores of skin
  • Things like microorganisms, fungus and parasites start dwelling on the skin
  • Presence of viruses
  • An immune system that is weak
  • Getting in contact with someone with such allergies
  • Generic reasons

Some other causes which are related to beauty can also lead to skin problems:



There are some skin problems that struck only to the people who suffer from diabetes. Conditions related to diabetes include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot
  • Diabetic blisters
  • Digital sclerosis


chronic disease lupus

Lupus is a chronic disease that damages the skin or joints or organs inside our body. Skin problems occurring from Lupus are:

  • Round spots on head
  • Ring-shaped lesions in the parts of body that is under sunlight
  • Sunburn-like body and rashes
  • Red spots on fingers or toes


skin problems in pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman goes under lot of hormonal changes that can sometimes lead to skin diseases. Most of these diseases go only after the birth of the baby. Some skin problems caused by pregnancy are:


Stress reason

Stress is something which causes a lot of hormonal disorders in our body which may cause skin diseases such as:


Sun causes many skin diseases

Sun can causes many skin diseases out of which some can be common and some can be fatal. Exposure to sunlight can make some skin problems worse such as:

Symptoms of Skin Disease:

Some skin problems that are not common in everyday life, guide 2 well attract our attention are the things we need to see like:

  • Red or white raised bumps
  • Itchy and painful rash
  • Rough skin
  • Skin which peeps
  • Ulcers
  • Cracking of skin
  • Excessive flushing

Treatment of Skin Diseases:

Most of the skin diseases are treatable with common methods such as:

  • Applying medicated creams
  • Intake of antibiotics
  • Taking vitamin injections
  • Laser therapy
  • Following prescriptions based on target


Skin diseases are mostly common which can be treated easily but some can prove to be fatal. So based on these symptoms, one can take precautions and even see the doctor as per requirements. Though skin diseases are common, but one must not take them lightly at all.


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