Lemon Juice: 5 Reasons to Drink It

lemon juice benefits

People today are growing increasingly conscious about their health. They are very careful about what to eat and drink. You can force them to choose bad products as the awareness level if rising by the day. For that reason, lemon juice or lemon water is finding its way back into the general consciousness as it provides a lot of health benefits. The drink is now replacing the morning cups of tea and coffee that have long been a staple across the world.

With lemon juice, you can be sure that something natural is going into the system, something that can help rather than harm. You can start the day with the goodness of lemon and water to stay on top of health. Even if the tanginess of lemon is not of your linking, you can mix water and dilute the taste and gain all the benefits that organic food packs in or delivers. Even research has show how lemon juice is good for overall health.

Here are some reasons to drink lemon juice –

1. Stay hydrated – Not staying adequately hydrated is the reason behind a lot of health problems in the body. Lack of water may make you feel lethargic or tired, make the face look pale and your overall energy level will be down. Even doctors all over the world recommend drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain optimum bodily function. And if the bland taste of water is what you don’t like, you can mix a few drops of lemon to get a flavored drink with numerous health benefits. If possible, replace your caffeinated and carbonated beverages with lemon water to maintain better health.

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2. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease – All citrus foods are good for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The presence of vitamin C is the reason why fruits like oranges and lemons keep blood pressure lower. And when blood pressure level of maintained, you will be away from the danger of strokes. Those who drink lemon juice enrich from the antioxidant which protects cells from harmful free radicals. Even though lemons are not a top source of vitamin C, they are still good enough to deliver all the health benefits you require for fighting off cardiovascular disease. So, drink more of lemon water daily and stay healthy forever.

3. Support weight loss – Lemon water has traditionally been among most popular home remedies for treating weight loss. It still enjoys huge trust among people relying only on natural ways to lose a few kilos with any side effects to the body. The presence of polyphenol antioxidants may be the reason why lemon juice proves effective against weight loss endeavor. The same compound also makes lemons good against minimizing the risk of type 3 diabetes. Together with the qualities of lemon, it’s the water consumption and feeling full for longer which is seen as a major reason why this drink is effective for weight loss.

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4. Improve digestion – A lot of people drink lemon water in the morning as they find it great for their digestion. It works wonderfully as a morning laxative to help prevent constipation as well. If you want to keep the digestive system good, drink warm or hot lemon water in the morning. The acidic or sour taste of lemon can help keep your digestive system in optimum health helping you digest food easily. It is also helpful in the prevention of the build-up of toxins in the body. So, include lemon juice in your morning schedule and keep the digestion going without any problem.

5. Fight bad breath – People have been using lemon for ages to remove the smell of certain foods like garlic or onions or to reduce odour for any reason. You can take a cue from them as use it to treat bad breath caused by eating foods with smells such as fish, onions etc. Lemon juice can also stimulate saliva and when that happens, the problem of dry mouth is prevented which keeps you away from the risk of bad breath. And if the problem persists, visit the best dental clinic for professional consultation and maintain better dental health forever.

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