Easy and Effective Exercises for Beginners

Dumbbell workouts

More often than not, exercising is associated with losing weight. But we must acknowledge that there’s much more to exercise than what is perceived by the masses.

Exercising, in actuality, makes you gain more than just making you lose weight. Exercising not only improves your overall health, but it also enhances self-confidence, boosts energy, aids sound sleep, increases metabolism, pumps up your mood and make you feel and look better and happier. It is thus, a very wise choice to engage in some kind of workout that promotes weight loss while still helping you maintain your muscle mass.

If we have motivated you enough to start with it right away, ponder over a few of the exercises mentioned below, that is exceptionally easy and wouldn’t even require much equipment for you to start off with.

1. Dumbbell workouts

Using dumbbells, you can try a combination of various exercises to strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises, bicep curls, etc. work very well when it comes to sculpting a shoulder frame to-die-for. They have the potential to give a striking V-shape to your back, but as a beginner, you must watch out to keep strain off your joints and be cautious enough to not cause any injury to yourself.

2. Bench Dips

This is done with the help a sturdy chair or a bench. Simply stand against the bench and hold its edge with both your hands thrown backward. Slowly lower your body towards the floor and pull it back with the help of the strength of your triceps. This exercise targets your arms, chest and the shoulders and proves quite beneficial for building your triceps.

3. Press Ups

Another beneficial exercise to work up your chest and shoulders is Push-ups. For this one, you need to lie flat on your belly and with your palms placed at shoulder width, near your chest, lift your body up and then slowly come back to the initial position. By using multiple muscle groups from your shoulder joints, this exercise works wonders to build a stronger upper body.

Press Ups exercise

4. Crunches

This category needs no introduction but deserves high worth when one intends to build faddish stomach muscles with beautifully crafted abs. Done with lying on your back and then lifting your shoulders a few inches off the floor, this particular exercise demands a guarded movement. But when done accurately, it can prove to be extremely beneficial.

5. Planks

Planks are the most voguish kind of exercise that didn’t take much time to gain immense popularity amongst those who aim for a strong core. Known for coming from the genus of crunches, this workout option strengthens your core in a much safer way, causing minimum injury to your spine and giving you those luscious flat six packs you have been dreaming of. Just lie on your belly and lift your body, with the support of your forearms. In the process remember to keep your back straight and abs tense. You can try a similar thing while lying on your sides too.

6. Squats

When it comes to finding a workout regime that is designed to address your whole body, one just can’t afford to miss out on squats that are super invigorating and give immense strength to your whole body, especially your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and lower back.

In this, you need to stand with your legs spread at shoulder width and then sit squat with your back straight and head up. Remember not to lean or bend forward as it might cause an adverse effect on your back.

7. Calf Raises

Next in line comes calf raises. As the name suggests, they are meant, predominantly, to tone your calf muscles and to make them stronger. You can easily do this one on your stairs and with only a few reps inculcated in your daily routine, it can yield you results that are absolutely worth striving for.

8. Step up

Stepping up is the most basic exercise that can be done without needing much preparation or knowledge. You only need a stepper or even better, stairs wherein you can simply move up and down while working on your entire leg with just one movement. It is quite a low-intensity activity that is super easy and safe too.

Step up exercise

9. Dance

With this, we come to the most fun thing that can be done to achieve that superb frame that many yearn for. Pretty easy and hugely effectual, this form of exercise needs no training at all. An hour, or two, of great dancing, can make up for a very rewarding workout. You only need to put on the kind of music that sets your soul into motion and dance like no one’s watching.

10. Walking

The most ingenious and traditional way of springing into action is walking. Brisk walking, in particular, for a good period, conjures up for quite a convincing way of working out your whole body.

11. Food

It is needless to mention that the most significant part of a brilliant fitness program is following a super healthy diet. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage, microgreens, etc.

Also, it’s pretty important to be attentive towards the quantity, quality and the timing of the intake of any post or pre-workout supplements that you plan to take because they can influence your developments in the ways that may not be best known to you.

Final Words

When you are starting out, keep in mind to set smaller as well as realistic goals since they help boost your morale by being easily attainable and demanding lesser exertion. Don’t try and make it too hard for yourself. Opt for low-intensity sessions that will eventually be the building blocks of your long-term fitness regime. These will also help you construct healthy habits that lead to lifelong mental and physical well-being. At last, be consistent, and you’ll soon see a noticeable change in the way you look and feel.

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