Say Goodbye to the Common Problem of Floating poop

floating poop

Normally people are very much frightened when they see floating poop. Normally, all peoples want to remain fit and fine in our daily life and also want to know about health and fitness daily tips. Excessive floating poops are not good for our health. Actually, it depends upon what we eat in our daily life, so people should consume good food every day to avoid the occurrence of this kind of problems.

Why floating poop occurs?

The major reason for this type of issues is the presence of extreme gas in the stool. Floating poop often arises due to the consumption of heavy meal which causes gas, and gets stir in with stool in the intestines. Intake of regular junk foods and other rich and spicy foods leads to the occurrences of floating poop.

Various kinds of foods that can produce gas are provided below:

  • Pears, prunes, peaches, and apples
  • Honey and artificial sweeteners
  • Asparagus grass vegetable
  • Artichokes
  • Sprouts leaves
  • Green broccoli
  • Onions and beans
  • Fruit Shakes
  • Soft drinks and sodas
  • Sugar-free candy
  • Gum

Certain foods which comprise high sugar such as honey, soda, and juices etc. can cause massive gas rather than peaches and other foods. People who consume milk or milk fruit and who have lactose intolerance may face floating poop. Those who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), they can also face floating stools very commonly.

Steatorrhea- excessive fat in the stool

Most of the time, floating poop is the outcome of the food we eat. It aids that dietary fat can’t accurately be engrossed by our body and it limits up in the stool. This sort of situation described as steatorrhea. Mostly it is soft and stinking. These greasy stools normally twig to the toilet basin and hard to remove.

Another infection which is called gastrointestinal leads to steatorrhea. This kind of disease also appears in the sign of gallbladder, pancreas, and liver.

Various situations that can cause floating stools:

  • Chronic pancreatitis:

Mostly associated with gallstones or alcoholism, chronic pancreatitis is marked by inflammation of the pancreas. This kind of disease arouses many problems such as; back and abdominal pain, diabetes, weight reduction as well as floating stool.

  • Sclerosing cholangitis:

Sclerosing cholangitis linked with ulcerative colitis, it is characterized by inflammation, demolition of the bile tubes interior and exterior of the liver. In conjunction with floating, tools other few signs are; itching, jaundice, and black urine.

  • Pancreatic cancer:

It is a kind of cancer that affects the pancreas.

  • Choledocholithiasis:

Gallstone in the bile tubes causes choledocholithiasis. Signs which contain i.e. vomit, mid-back pain, high fever and also a floating stool.

Take suggestions from your doctor

It’s not necessary to give much concentration on normal stools because it is very common but sometimes those stools change i.e. steatorrhea. If this kind of symptoms occurs it needs proper medical attention and therapy.

If you observe certain troubles such as nausea, weight decrease, body pain, and high fever then rather wasting your time just do visit the near hospital and take suggestions from your doctor to restrain those problems.

Solutions for floating stools

Floating tool occurs because of gas overflow. It is not that harmful which sometimes disappears and does not need any treatment. People should follow a proper diet to avoid this kind of situations.

If certain foods are creating problems and lead to the occurrence of floating stools regularly, then omit those foods from your daily routine. Eat proper foods and maintain a proper diet to reduce floating poops. Make a list of the food which you are consuming daily and on the basis of that analyze which foods are good for your health.

To digest certain foods enzyme supplements are accessible to decrease those floating stools (steatorrhea, cystic fibrosis). Some vegetables/fruits are good for health so rather than avoiding try to eat foods in a smaller quantity such as beans, carrot, and some other foods.

If there is a serious situation try to consult with your doctor and follow certain steps such as drinking water, proper nutrition, and meditation etc.

Floating poop is very natural. It is not a serious matter to worry about. It’s allied with our daily food consumption only. But excessive floating poop is not good for our health. The dangerous food is lactose in certain milk food. High sugar in various foods such as glycerol in apples prunes and peaches. Fructose in many fruits and raff nose in some vegetables include cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, sprouts, Brussels and beans etc.

If you face this kind of symptoms and if it occurs very frequently then you should consult your doctor to overcome this problem. Even though you don’t feel to discuss those problems with others but still it is necessary to open up those issues and try to follow certain moves and live a healthy life. Most of the time people feel embarrassed to discuss and after that, they faced many difficulties or serious complications. So, it’s better to share those symptoms with your doctor to avoid such troubles.

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