How Does Sugar Affect Weight Loss?

sugar affect weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, people do not leave any stone unturned. Right from working out exhaustively in the gym to cutting down on their favorite meal. However, sometimes this may not give you the desired result.

Several factors contribute to weight gain and why you may not be losing in spite of working really hard for weeks. It is needless to mention, a successful weight loss plan should be a combination of diet changes and effective workout techniques that need to be implemented. In this beauty conscious world, people tend to gain weight quickly simply due to irregular and improper eating habits. This leads to weight gain and invites many other health issues including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, arthritis and more.

As soon as guide 2 fit talks about weight loss, healthy tips, diet plan and etc. The very first thing that comes to our mind is consumption of sugar and how to cut it down? With time, it is witnessed that sugar has been added in about everything you may find in the grocery store, even foods which are not sweet, like sauce and crackers. This is why; it is quite a notable fact that sugar is linked to various health issues and illnesses. It is a major culprit in giving rise to obesity and weight gain across the globe. So if you are willing to get a toned body, first understand how sugar can affect your diet chart?

Effective Methods to Cut Sugar From Your Diet

Now that you have realized that sugar is highly responsible for weight gain, you should learn about methods and alternatives which can help you in reducing sugar consumption. Listed below are some methods which can help you big time:

Avoiding Fruit Juices

Any fruit like orange or mango are high on sugar and a cup of such juices may contain five times the amount of sugar. In addition, packed juices that you get from grocery stores are often highly concentrated, processed and have added sugar. To avoid these drinks are one of the best solutions to improve your diet. Many individuals have witnessed a drastic change in their physique by simply reducing their juice intake.

Substitution of Sugary Beverages with Water

You may not be comfortable in the beginning, but if you wish to shed those extra pounds, switch to water instead of sugar. For instance, opt for black tea or coffee without sugars or sweeteners and quit on all types of soda. Beverages are known to be the primary source of added sugars.

The limitation to consumption of fruits

Fruits may sound a healthy option, but anything that is done in limitations is always good. Cut down sugar from your diet, but also keep a tab on the number of fruits that you are consuming in a day. It is better that you limit your intake up to 2-3 pieces only.

Avoiding other preservatives

Breakfasts like cereals, jellies, jams, and other similar options are a source of sugar that may not come to your mind.

List of Foodstuff and the Amount of Sugar it contains:

  • Chocolate bars – We all love chocolates. However, the love for these bars later gets reflected on the weighing machine which we may not like. A single chocolate bar contains 6 to 8 teaspoon of sugar on an average. You can imagine the amount of calorie which may get deposited within a few minutes.
  • Soft drinks – Soft drinks are extremely harmful if consumed on a regular note. According to many types of research, individuals who drink more than one soda can a day have increased the risk of developing diabetes or heart diseases.
  • Breakfast cereals – Breakfast cereals may appear an instant option to begin your day. However, some cereals contain high sugar ranging from 7-10 teaspoon of sugar in a bowl.
  • Fruits – Fruits are a rich source of energy, however, some fruits contain sugar which may harm your body. Fruits may not have added sugar, but the sugar levels can range from 1 teaspoon to 3 teaspoons.

Eating excessive sugar is really bad for health. Obesity or being overweight invites several health issues including cancer. Therefore, it is important to understand how does sugar affect weight loss? It is obvious that foods which are high in sugar are generally not as healthy as foods that are lower in sugar. This is one of the major reasons why sugar is considered harmful to health. Most experts suggest opting for fresh fruits and juices compared to foodstuffs which contain added sugar like packed juices, cream, candies, and pastries. These items have a very little nutritive value, which means you hardly get any benefit from consuming them. So better to avoid them and opt for a healthy diet.

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