Top Perfumes That Will Help You To Lose Extra Weight

Top Perfumes smell

There is no magic or any shortcuts to cut down the extra weight. From fad diets to the magical portions, nothing shows their effects for a long time. Apart from not doing any good, these diets and potions can affect the user’s health too. So it is better to reduce the weight by working out and eating healthy diet. Another amazing way to cut some extra pounds is by using different kinds of scents. Yes, you heard it right, a sniff or spritz from the perfume spray bottle can help in reducing the appetite and this will stop you from eating more food. The essential oils and perfumes affect a person’s mood and this will affect the appetite of a person. Do not live in a misconception that wearing a perfume will reduce the extra weight. It just helps a little bit in losing the weight. You still have to follow a healthy diet and work out.

Don’t worry that the curbed appetite will affect your energy levels because the scent will boost your energy all the time and keep your mood in track.

Here are the best scents that are available in the market that will help in reducing your weight.

Green Apples and Bananas

Usually people think that the sweet smell will provoke a person to crave for sugar but the green apple and banana smell will do the exact opposite thing. Taking a sniff of green apple or banana will enhance the mood and curb the appetite. It has also been proven in a study conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, MD. Sniffing the scent of these two flavors will decrease the hunger of a person and he/ she will end up eating less food than they usually eat. Smelling these fruits will fool your brain and makes it believe that you have eaten that fruit.


Lavender is considered as the go to scent for the sleep masks, the reason for this is its floral smell. The floral smell of the lavender will relieve the stress of a person and makes them feel relaxed. Sniffing lavender before eating will relax your brain and stops it from eating more food. It stimulates the brain cells and makes you feel like you are full. It soothes a person, combats the anxiety.

Grape Fruits or Grape Fruit Essential Oil

No wonder why the citrus fruits are considered as the favorite food for many fitness freaks. The lycopene, nookatone and Vitamin C present in Grape fruit will help in eating less food when you are on a diet. It increases the metabolism and melts the body fat easily. Smell the fruit or combine the essential oil with your diet and you will observe the results slowly. The bright scent will rejuvenate your body and brain and reduces the appetite too. A study has been conducted on rats to check the validation of this theory and the obtained results were positive.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Aroma of olive oil makes you feel full for a long time. A study was conducted where people ate plain yogurt, yogurt combined with olive oil and yogurt combined with canola oil. People who ate olive oil with yogurt felt full when compared to the other two. These results shocked and put the scientists in a confused state because both olive and canola oil have same satiety producing fatty acids. After a lot of research it has been proved that the olive oil aroma is the reason for those results. Olive oil aroma has certain chemicals which help to control the blood levels after you consume it. This way you feel full for more time.

Veld’s Prends-Moi

Veld’s Prends-Moi is a purple bottle perfume which has been billed as the “world’s first slimming perfume”. It has the slimming ingredients like caffeine, spirulina extract and carnitine. These help in curbing the appetite of a person who has a sniff of it. The perfume makes the skin cells release endorphin which stimulates the brain and enhances its mood. A person with happy and pleasant mood has less food cravings when compared to the other people. This perfume got a huge appreciation from all over the world and people put themselves on the waiting list to get their hands on this perfume.

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