Top 6 Eye Care Tips To Get Beautiful Eyes


Eyes are a gift without them one cannot imagine life. The colors we see and everything we enjoy in our life is because of eyes. Our eye are very important and play a vital role in our lives but we seem to neglect them and take them for granted, we all have faced pink eyes and other problems of eyes at some stage of our lives only then we realize the importance of eyes.

To maintain good vision and reduce eye diseases one should adopt a healthy life style and do some extra efforts to avoid eye problems. Have a healthy and balanced diet which has vitamins, minerals and nutrients that helps to prevent eye problems like glaucoma, poor vision and dry eyes. It can be avoided by taking care of eyes and following a balanced diet plan.

So it’s time to stop taking your eyes for granted and start taking care of them by following these simple tips:

  • Sunglasses

Wear sunglasses but not just any sunglasses it should be able to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and should be polarized. Buy a branded and good quality shades, go through some online shopping websites and get yourself some stylish shades with UV protection, if you have contact lenses on, doesn’t matter just go for sunglasses it will add an extra layer to protect your eyes. Don’t compromise for low quality sunglasses because UV protection and polarized glasses are pivotal!

  • Eat Well

The secret to good eye sight and healthy looking eye is diet. Omega-3, zinc, Vitamins E and C can help in maintaining good vision.

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Eat your vegetables and beans, make them part of your diet. Eating healthy food not only helps your eyes but also your body, a healthy body represents a healthy mind so don’t neglect your diet, be constant and make a habit of eating healthy food along with drinking plenty of water.

  • Quit Smoking

Believe it or not smoking is killing you, it damages your optic nerve and most importantly chain smokers usually have yellowish shade in their eye with is due to smoking and lack of water in the body. The effects caused by smoking may not be noticed initially but with the passage of time you will realize what smoking has done to your overall body and how it has damaged your eyes. Quit smoking, if you can’t consult a doctor.

  • Use Eye wear for Safety

Use eye protection or helmet while playing outdoor or doing a hazardous job. People seem to neglect protection but in many cases, athletes can been seen where they were protected by helmets or other eye wear while playing.

  • Don’t Stick to Your Computer Screen

Usually professionals and gamers stare at computer screens for a long time which cases dry eyes and blurry vision, take a break after every twenty minutes and maintain a distance from the screen to avoid eye damage. If you wear spectacles make sure they are polarized which helps in protecting eyes from getting red and also avoid burning feel which occurs due to continuously staring a computer screen.

  • Visit Eye Doctor Regularly

I know it’s a hassle to do it in a busy routine but for the sake of your eyes it’s very important, get an eye test and complete eye check to avoid any forthcoming problems in your eyes, better be safe than sorry.

Eyes are precious, take good care of them!


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